Some Thai Girls Aren't Girls
Some Thai Girls Aren’t Girls

Thai Ladyboy, Bangkok Ladyboy Escort, Thai LadyboyIf you are traveling to Thailand to meet lovely Thai girls, be prepared for any obligatory “watch out for trannies” comments. Phuket’s higher season population is estimated to become around 500, 000. If 5, 000 of them are ladyboys then that would be 1% of the populace. That would seem most unlikely but not totally inconceivable. But he said 5, 000 actually employed in the sex industry. Where by was this army of available ladyboys?

With Soi Katoey in Bangla Roads, Patong, there are always a few dancing at the front end of the soi. There is another katoey bar at the back and Moulin Rouge ladyboy show. But surely even in the highest estimate, there could not be more than 50 ladyboys working in Soi Katoey. There are maybe another 30 performing at Simon Cabaret Ladyboy Show - does that even count as the sex industry? For this sake of argument, let’s say it can do. Then there is this gay area around Soi Haven. There are quite a few ladyboys around this area but I think an estimate of 100 would be very generous.

There are many ladyboys freelancing along your beachfronts where they irritate passing drunks. But really, they are not there in extremely high numbers. Let’s be large again and say 100. Have I missed any? Maybe there are a few dotted around other sex establishments.

So even though we round up my own figures, we have a really generous guesstimate of 300 ladyboys mixed up in sex industry. I actually believe that is probably extremely generous. A lot of the above figures are probably the identical katoeys moving from location to location and I do believe I have overestimated all my guesses. The total figure could be as few as 100.

So i would say somewhere between 100-300 katoeys working in Phuket’s sex industry. Certainly not 5, 000 but then a figure of 100 would not make good press.

Males and Katoeys

So what about the demand for Katoeys? Are there really a lot of men looking for their solutions? Since their most common approach looks like it’s trying to fool very drunk men, I would guess that their services are not massively in demand. I have met several men who have had sexual encounters with katoeys. Most claim it was some sort of drunken mistake.

I did meet one guy who happily proclaimed he had just been ‘blown off’ as a result of two katoeys in his accommodation. He was rather proud of himself and certainly not claiming it was eventually a mistake. You do meet some funny characters in Patong.

I guess there is some genuine demand for katoeys. Although they are active in the gay area, I do not think it is strictly a gay thing. Although they are made-up as women, I do not think it is a straight thing. But you will find there’s hard-to-define group of men who do find katoeys attractive. Certainly, there is lots of curiosity about them. Every 4 weeks, the word ‘katoey’ is the top 20 listing of search keywords that have led people to our Phuket website. And we only possess a small section on katoeys.